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The Benefits of Embedded Recruitment

When speaking with potential new clients, the same questions always pop up – what do you mean by embedded recruitment and what are the benefits?

A Guide to Hiring Software Engineers

The demand for software engineers is increasing daily, which is great if you are one, but no so great if you're in need of hiring one!


Although it can be a challenge, hiring an engineer is entirely achievable by sicking to some basic guidelines and putting in the effort.

Outsourced Project-Based Recruitment: Your Strategic Partner for Efficient Hiring

Making multiple hires for your organisation requires a strategic approach and a dedicated effort. Outsourced project-based recruitment is an ideal solution for companies facing the challenges of high-volume hiring. 


Subscription based recruitment is driving evolution across the industry

Traditional recruitment methods can be expensive and impersonal. The good news is the recruitment industry appears to be undergoing a much-needed evolution.

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Using ChatGPT Within Recruitment

There has been lots of talk around AI replacing jobs. In our option, AI won’t replace the role of recruiters any time soon, however, recruiters using these tools will be considerably more productive and successful than those shying away from them.   In this article we’ve outline a few of the ways we use ChatGPT here at Zuse Talent.

Interview Question and Answer Guide - What interests you about this role?

One of the most common questions that comes up is "What interests you about this role?".This question enables the interviewer to gauge your level of interest, your understanding of the role, and your values, so you should avoid giving generic answers and instead tailor your response to showcase your unique skills.

Interview Question and Answer Guide - Tell me about yourself

One of the most common questions asked in interviews is “Tell me about yourself.” Although this question may sound simple, it can be challenging to answer correctly. In this article, we will provide you with tips on how to answer this question and leave a lasting first impression.

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How to retain talent in a competitive market

There are many reasons why people leave their jobs, including personal finances, job security, and the opportunity for career progression. To keep your employees happy, it’s important employers provide additional support, such as pay increases, financial guidance, or access to other resources.

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Copperleaf logo.jpg

Case study - is an Edinburgh-based Fintech with deep expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP). They design digital client service solutions to enhance professional advice with AI, making it more meaningful, more accessible, and more human. Their aim is to make adviser-client interaction more efficient by wrapping technology around advisers, whilst keeping the human at its core.

Case study - Copperleaf

Copperleaf is an award winning, international software company, that is passionate about helping those who manage critical infrastructure improve their investment decision-making and planning processes.

They help the world’s leading oil, infrastructure and utility organisations decide where and when to invest in their businesses to manage risk, deliver against performance expectations, achieve their strategic objectives, and maximise value.

Case Study - Made Tech

Zuse Talent supported Made Tech in the recruitment of a high number of diverse candidates in a short time frame for their Academy, using a cost effective project recruitment process.

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Zuse Talent has supported us with our growth plans over the last year, introducing appropriate, good quality candidates to fill various different types of roles in the cyber security field. The experience has been a very positive one; requests being responded to swiftly with just the right amount of contact, leaving me feeling as though I was being kept up to date, but not inundated, which I appreciated.

Liz Knight, ECSC

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